l'ETS modulaire blindé certifié

Bunkerkit: your modular safe room, provided as a turnkey solution

vue éclatée du Bunkerkit

The Bunkerkit is a modular safe room intended to be used as a safe or as a protected area. This concept developed by the engineers from the EuroDV Group guarantees reinforced protection against theft and intrusion.

The safe room operates according to a simple principle: reinforced vertical partitions (panels) and ceiling components made of reinforced steel are assembled to create a room that can resist any kind of acts of aggression in the form of forced entry attempts and armed attacks. The Bunkerkit is installed by one of our accredited partners and may be inspected, on request, by an authorised body.

A modular room

What is innovative about the Bunkerkit is mainly its modular design. In fact, it can be used to install a safe room quickly and easily, inside or outside, attached or unattached to the existing structure. Thanks to its detached, separable components, the Bunkerkit can be used to create the design that users feel is ideal. In other words, it can be adapted for the function that they want to use it and for the place where it is going to be installed. Its components can be dismantled (without any detriment to the actual component or its environment) and reused in another configuration, on a different site or as part of a different application.

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