Bunkerkit: simply high-performance

The intrinsic performances of the Bunkerkit panel guarantee the security of people and property.

Combined and certified performance features at the service of your security:

the Bunkerkit reinforced steel panel offers certification for burglary resistance (standard EN1627-1630), ballistic protection (standard EN1522-1523) and vaults (standard EN1143-1), along with complementary performance features to meet the needs and requirements of your installations.

  • Fire resistance

    European fire resistance standards have gradually taken over from the national standards and are now the reference for fire resistance tests and classification. The reference for fire resistance tests on doors, shutter assemblies and windows is European standard EN 1634-1.

  • Acoustics

    Standard EN ISO 717-1 summarises the acoustic insulation to airborne sound in the frequency range from 50 to 5,000 Hz in a single index (Rw).

  • Thermal insulation

    The thermal insulation performance complies with the European standards EN 10077-1 and EN 10077-2 for the thermal transmission capacity.

  • Air water wind

    The Air Water Wind performance combines the specific characteristics of the tightness levels according to standards EN 1027 and EN 12208 for watertightness, EN 1026 and EN 12207 for airtightness and wind resistance.