Reinforced counters

Reinforced or secure counters can be designed with Bunkerkit elements for use standing up or seated, thanks to various modular and adaptable counter units.

These counters can be personalised both in appearance and practically and can be fitted with:

  • a currency pass tray;
  • a parcel pass tray (integration of bulletproof receptacles in shelves);
  • a sound system (use of microphones and intercoms or natural system allowing sound to pass);
  • shelves of all shapes in all kinds of materials;
  • an alarm button for emergency assistance;
  • etc.

Areas of application of Bunkerkit reinforced and secure counters


  • Banks, currency exchange offices, financial institutions and post offices
  • Petrol stations and tobacconists
  • Casinos, gaming halls, betting shops, etc.
  • Social services, hospitals, etc.
  • Armouries, etc.
  • Embassies, police stations, public authorities, etc.
  • Luxury stores, diamond dealers and the watchmaking, jewellery and goldsmiths sector
  • Reception service for high-risk companies or industries (nuclear power plants, armaments factories, etc.)
  • etc.

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