Bunkerkit is also available as a vault that meets standard EN 1143-1, called Flexofin.

Flexofin: the lightest vault on the market!

Bunkerkit is revolutionising the modular vault and strongroom market with its Flexofin product, certified EN 1143-1, class V. Flexofin can be installed anywhere, even where floor loads are particularly limited (on upper storeys, in cellars, in listed buildings, etc.). Flexofin is the lightest vault on the market!

Its modular construction can be integrated and adapted to the existing environment: thanks to its narrow panels and small dimensions, Flexofin can fit all forms of enclosures and overcome architectural obstacles (columns, beams, etc.).

Certification and quality

  • Flexofin complies with class V according to standard EN 1143-1 and is certified by the ECB-S (European Certification Body).
  • EN 1143-1 is the European reference standard that certifies the resistance of safes, security doors and vaults. It comprises fourteen grades or classes, numbered from 0, I, II, to XIII.
  • Flexofin was tested at the CNPP, the French laboratory officially recognised by the EFSG (European Fire & Security Group) to carry out these tests. During the test, professional assailants with an in-depth knowledge of the product and its construction plans are freely able to choose the tools and methods of attack to employ. Once the tests have been passed, a success report is issued by the CNPP.
  • The manufacturing quality of Flexofin and its consistency over time are supervised and regularly checked by the ECB-S.

The properties of the Flexofin vault

Flexofin panels comprise two sheets of steel that enclose a blend of patented materials. This smart, revolutionary blend gives the Flexofin panels two fundamental advantages: resistance and lightness.

The panels are supplied pre-painted and can be lacquered with all RAL shades upon request.The vault can be covered with any type of coating, both inside and out.

Various ranges of class V certified doors are available depending on the needs and priorities (weight, deadlines, customised dimensions, etc.).

  • Weight: 120 kg/m² wall
  • Thickness: 68 mm (total volume)
  • Standard panel width: 220 mm and 280 mm
  • Standard interior height: 2,300 and 2,800 mm

The Flexofin vault also passed the official tests and complies with grades I to IV according to standard EN 1143-1. These resistance classes are available upon request.

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